How much does a business coach cost?

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How much does it cost to work with a business coach in the UK?

How much is a business coach in the UK? From a quick Google search, you will see it varies a lot – as does the return on investment from them!

Here at UK Growth Coach we developed our coaching packages for where there was the greatest need for coaching services – the small and medium-sized business sector.

Therefore providing affordable business coaching is important for UK Growth Coach’s purpose to come true: closing the gap that exists between ‘potential’ and ‘real world performance’ resulting in fewer company failures and more business successes.

It is therefore important to us that we are transparent on how much is a business coach for SMEs.

Ensuring return on investment

We encourage potential clients to view working with a business coach as an investment rather than considering how much a business coach costs.

This is because both parties should aim to work towards a return on investment and strive to achieve relatively quickly (although instantaneous is unlikely!)

There are many ways that benefit can be achieved. For example, it could be the speed at which consistent profitability is achieved, in addition to the profit levels themselves.

Or it could be gauged in the value of the time the business owner gets back through systemisation, efficiencies, and succession planning.

It could even be calculated against the increased valuation achieved when working with a coach to prepare your business for sale.

The return on investment is a measure specific to you and your business based on your goals.

But whatever it is, these goals will be defined from the outset of your relationship with us through our North Star meeting, which means your coach and you have clarity over how that needs to be generated and what the value provision looks like to you personally.

If you take a look at our client stories, you can see some of the return on investments we’ve achieved with our clients:

  • Securing 9 months worth of work and cashflow security versus 4 weeks
  • Reducing working hours from 80 hours per week to 45 hours per week (priceless!)
  • Securing an additional £50,000 worth of work from one new marketing channel alone
  • Seeing tenfold business growth.

How much is a business coach for SMEs? Our business coaching rates 

We are transparent about our coaching processes, approach, and business coaching package prices.

Our 1-2-1 coaching programmes range from £450 per month to £2,000 per month (+VAT).

The variation comes from the business stage you are at and aiming to achieve (i.e. the depth and complexity of the coaching services needed) and the frequency in coaching required to support that (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly).

In addition to the 1-2-1 services, we also offer group coaching for start-ups and micro businesses, starting at just £99 per month (+VAT).

If you compare our prices to the average cost of a business coach in the UK, you will find we are very reasonable for the expertise we offer and the proven value we have generated for existing clients.

In answer the question in short, how much is a business coach…when you find the right one for you, not much compared to the possible return you will get from them.

how much is a business coach - cost and value/return

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