How does business coaching work?

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What is the coaching process in businesses with UK Growth Coach?

Our business coaching process

It’s important to know upfront what the coaching process in business will be with any potential SME coach.

UK Growth Coach has a well-tried and tested business coaching process. Our coaches offer both 1-2-1 programmes as well as online group coaching.

Each support programme is tailored for the business, the individual, and their objective. 

What is the coaching process in business at UK Growth Coach, comprises many consistent elements regardless of the programme, as they all follow the same overarching framework. 

The common components to our 1-2-1 coaching programmes are:

North Star Meeting
(The Starting Point Business Audit)

This is an induction for the coach to the company and an induction for the business owner to coaching.

It looks at some of the core principles of the target objectives and helps you both to work out what the knowledge and business gaps are. 

Long Haul Business Flight Planning
(Progression staging & 1-3 year aims)

This is the creation of a set of progression aims targeted for between 12 and 36 months.

These are matched against ten different areas of business that align with our unique business growth framework; The Coaching Star

Short Haul Business Flight Plans
(Set quarterly priority goals and action timelines)

Together we prioritise and shortlist the previous goals into short-term flight plans, covering a quarterly period.

Regular one-2-one coaching sessions
(Support, accountability, and education)

The coaching sessions are there to support the education, provide guidance and enable the application of that knowledge to complete the goals.

Clients are held to account for their actions and progress against the plans too, in a constructive way so that if there are delays and challenges, they can be worked on with your coach to remove or resolve.

This can all be conducted online, in-person or a combination of the two.

It is really important in our view to understand what is the coaching process in business will be so you can go into prepared for the time commitment, the actions needed and what you should expect from your coach.

What can I expect from a the group business coaching sessions?

Our unique group business coaching sessions, also known as The Profit Hunter Series, works differently from one-2-one coaching. 

There are 12 business coaching topics covered within a year. One session is delivered every four weeks, which you can attend online (or in-person depending on the coach’s chosen provision format). 

This service is primarily an educational support programme designed to boost business owners’ knowledge and confidence, provide them with an opportunity to ask questions of an experienced coach and help them take pragmatic solutions away to apply in their business. 

Our 1-2-1 coaching clients also have the option to attend these group coaching sessions on an ad hoc or regular basis, as they feel appropriate and relevant for them.

How does UK Growth Coach’s process differ from others?

Our coaches have great empathy and understanding through personally owning their own businesses and running their own companies, having their own staff, etc. 

This is very different to many other coaching companies that hire educators to provide ideas and a toolkit from a more theoretical perspective. 

Our process and tools are developed to be pragmatic and truly useful to business owners, not academic hurdles to jump through or theoretical and often impractical ‘best practice’.

There are not many independent coaches that can offer such a robust framework, experience and approach. Our system has been based on real-world experience and real-world business situations.

What separates our process from some of the larger franchise coaching networks is our status: we are a smaller, more agile and fresher approach to business coaching.

Whilst we are growing, we stay humble and keep our focus firmly on delivering the best customer experience to our business owner clients.

What is the coaching process in business with UK Growth Coach? We are nimble, agile, fresh and relevant to SME business owners!

We’ve recently published The Missing Business Instructions book for business owners, which offers our latest thinking on SME business challenges and solutions.

As coaches, we are keen to keep growing and expanding our capabilities, meaning we push to continually evolve and adapt to the world of business.

For our clients, this means they get to reap the benefits of the very latest approaches and tools, rather than a static package designed many years ago!

We hope this answers your question of what is the coaching process in business with UK Growth Coach.

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